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ECM Motion Controllers with Integrated Servo Drives


Single Axis Motion Controller with Integrated Servo Drive

The ECMsa is a compact, highly-integrated all-in-one motion controller and drive solution. We designed it to meet the needs of OEMs with cost-sensitive applications. Its unique multi-processor architecture leverages powerful control algorithms to achieve best-in-class motion system performance. At the same time, its flexible universal servo drive technology allows the system designer to control almost any type of motor or stage.


Key Specifications

  • Controller and Drive Axes: 1
  • Host PC/PLC/PAC Communication: TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, RS-232
  • Controller Cycle Rate: 1kHz
  • Drive Supply Input: 12-150Vdc
  • Bus Voltage: Equal to drive supply input
  • Max Current Output Per Axis: 10/20A at 150Vdc, 15/30A at 100Vdc
  • Encoder Channels: 2 (AqB, Absolute, or SinCos)
  • Mounting Type: Panel
  • Functional Safety Options: STO & SS1

Key Capabilities

  • Controller Application Development
  • Host Application Development
  • Motion Profile Generation
  • Servo Control and Drive Technology
  • Motion-to-Process Synchronization
  • PLC and PAC Integration
  • Machine Safety and Uptime